Calming and regeneration for sensitive skin


SQpure helps very well with irritated skin such as sunburn, eczema, psoriasis or allergies and can prevent skin spots and acne scars. Due to its special skin-affine components, SQpure has a calming effect, helps against itching and regenerates sensitive problem skin. Simply apply repeatedly as needed directly to the affected areas of the skin.


Regularly applied, SQpure can prevent skin damage and skin aging. The most important external factor influencing skin aging (photoaging) is UV radiation, in particular UVA radiation. UVA rays are the cause of sun elasticosis, that is the formation of wrinkles due to photoaging. The further long term photoaging can also lead to a reduction in the synthesis and crosslinking of collagen fibers, the skin loses its elasticity. An effective care of your skin is therefore a crucial means of maintaining a well groomed youthful radiance.

Important, please note: SQpure does not have UVA and UVB filters, please use additional sun protect products with sunscreen filter.