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SQ Pure the beauty formula of nature


30 years ago, the chemist for cosmetics, Ingrid Lorenz, developed the then very unknown squalane serum under this slogan. The fact that not only a better skin feel and skin texture but at the same time creates a new anti-aging solution, was then still unknown. In the course of time, after many years of development, the new Phytopure Squalane, which consists of 100% plant-derived squalane extract, was created.


Squalane is extracted directly from the pulp of the olive. Only by this method it is possible to obtain 100% phytopure squalane (vegetable squalane).

The vegan product was initially offered and sold under the name "Phytopure Squalane", but it needs a good product, an equally fitting name that is used not only nationally but also internationally.


At the beginning of 2009, Tim Lorenz joined the sales team as the new managing director and developed a new brand and the current name - SQpure.

SQpure has since been sold nationally and internationally successfully under this name.


With the SQpure brand we have managed to build a new market in natural cosmetics and are proud of the development and our product SQpure - The beauty formula of nature!