The exclusive anti aging active substance of SQpure is SQUALANE


SQ Pure the beauty formula of nature


counteracts skin aging with the body's own active ingredient squalane. The natural colorless serum consists of 100% vegetable-derived squalane (Phytopure squalane) - biologically pure without additives, therefore very well tolerated by sensitive skin.


The active ingredient squalane is still produced by the young skin itself, but the squalane concentration of the skin decreases significantly from the age of 25 - the skin aging process is thereby accelerated. With SQ Pure, the skin can be supplied with a higher concentration of squalane again.

SQ Pure is an ideal moisturizer. Wrinkles are visibly reduced after several weeks of use.


The antiaging agent squalane is extracted from the flesh of the olive. The proportion of squalane in the pulp of the olive is only about 2%. The product SQ Pure contains 100% squalane extract. The extremely valuable serum is very productive in use - just a few drops are enough. It creates a unique silky soft skin feeling.


  • protects skin against dry out

  • maintains the elasticity of the skin

  • ensures a soft silky skin feeling

  • 100% naturally vegan